Enterprise Web3 Partners.

We help marketing teams at high-growth and Fortune 500 companies navigate and leverage the next iteration of the internet.

About Us

Where Passion Meets Experience.

We believe in the inevitability of Web3; A technological and cultural revolution, transforming one-dimensional brand audiences into passionate, interactive communities.Having spent decades helping category defining brands connect more deeply with those audiences, Soda Labs was created to ensure marketing teams at the world's most significant companies are Web3 ready.

our services

Culturally Native Knowledge, Strategy & Execution.

We specialise in providing Web3 insight, strategic playbooks and operational resources to marketing teams at high-growth companies and Fortune 500s.Our services focus on Web3 readiness and market entry; covering education, strategic partnerships, creative & commercial strategy and product development.

Our Approach

High-Touch, Ultra-Niche, Product and Community Obsessed.

Each of our services, technologies and products have been built to leverage the community power of Web3 native technologies.We work explicitly with a small group of enterprise marketing teams, acknowledging sensitivities around Web3 market-timing, as well as both internal, and public market perceptions.

Some Upcoming Projects


Disney-backed Lockerverse
are creating the definitive cultural hub for Web3.


Noxels are supercharging gaming with Web3-powered creator economies.

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